Bulk Fuel


As Wyoming and Nebraska's leading fuel distributor, Dooley Oil can meet your specific fuel requirements. We service deliveries of all sizes and accommodate any specified delivery window.

We also supply other brands to ensure our clients can rest easy knowing that they will receive high-quality products every time they order lubricant from Dooley Oil.

Tank Deliveries

We are highly experienced and skilled in delivering to above ground or below ground tanks of all sizes. Our trucks are fully equipped for pump or gravity deliveries.

Wet Hosing

We are Wyoming and Nebraska’s premier and most technically advanced provider of mobile fueling (wet-hosing) services. From 10 pieces of equipment to 200+, in a construction site or fleet parking lot, we leverage our mobile-fueling technology solution to provide you by unit gallon reporting.

Generator Fueling

Dooley Oil is a specialist in the fueling of generators. Our trained fuel delivery technicians have deep knowledge of generator types and requirements. We accommodate around-the-clock generator fueling and detailed reports for usage and hours.


Let one of our team members pull a sample from your reservoir/tank to check for contamination. We can utilize our in field testing to check for contamination or send it to a third party lab for more advanced testing.

Oil analysis is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance tool for monitoring and evaluating lubricant, fuel and equipment conditions. Ensure that your oil is as clean as the oem requires it to be and is ready to work as hard as you.

At Dooley, we specialize in oil and fuel testing to insure you get the most out of your equipment safely. Ensuring that your fuel and oil is at the standard it needs to be.

Tank Monitors

Dooley Oil will provide you with wireless tank monitors to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel, and optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your fuel purchasing. Eliminate the tracking and administrative burden from your team and put the responsibility on us for keeping your tanks filled with the fuel needed to support your business.

Tank Loan Programs

Dooley Oil offers a complete line of solvents including acetone, isopropyl alcohol and methanol, among others, for cleaning and diluent. Package delivery and counter sales are available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails via all Dooley Oil locations.

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  • Dooley Oil offers both entry and non-entry reservoir cleaning services. Contaminants accumulate on the bottom of reservoirs, even in systems that have efficient filtration, and eventually require cleaning.
  • Reservoir cleaning is often overlooked in the filtration process and can lead to machine failures due to the reintroduction of contaminants.
  • The AIS OSHA certified confined space entry cleaning team is fully capable of removing the buildup of contaminants from the customer’s reservoir to help prevent equipment from encountering unexpected failure.


Using advanced filtration technology, our fuel reclamation services remove contaminates, such as water and particulates, from diesel fuel. Reclamation and treatment can bring contaminated diesel fuel back into ASTM specifications. Our self-contained on-site filtering unit can remove particulates down to one micron in size.

Our diesel fuel reclamation services protect your machinery, lower the costs of your system maintenance and ensure your compliance with all industry and manufacturer’s specifications.


  • Backup Generators and Power Generation

  • Above Ground Fuel Tanks

  • Below Ground Fuel Tanks


  • Diesel Fuel (ULSD #2)

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